Treating Acne Cysts On The Back

Treating this type of acne depends on what you have, as treatments come in different forms and you must get the most suitable for your cysts on the back.

Acne Cysts On The Back

They can range from creams, pastes, tablets, liquid or even laser light treatment.

You can get the over the counter type of treatment that usually contain steroids or natural types of treatments that are usually made from plants.

Regardless of which way you go, pick something that works for you.

You can expected to starting seeing results in about 10 to 14 days from the start of any treatment. So you will have to be patient while this takes effect and on no account start scratching these effected areas because you can cause them to spread to other parts of your body.

You can also help by exposing your back to the sun but only in short bursts at a time to help cleanse the effected area.

You can also purchase laser light technology that usually use blue or red lights. These can come in a variety of sizes from hand held devices to fully standing.

Some are designed to use at home while others you will have to go to skin specialists that have been trained in the use of these types of machines.

If this is your first outbreak of acne cysts on the back you should also go and see your doctor or a skin specialist so they can inform you of the best treatment for your particular outbreak.

Remember that these types of outbreaks usually occur in young adults when they have hormone imbalances or even if they are under stress from exams.

Some people will also suffer from oily skin that can block the pores of the skin which then leads to bacteria being formed that can cause the cystic acne.

Try and keep your skin cleansed to keep these attacks down to a minimum as it can certainly help to stop acne cysts on the back reappearing.









Nothing worse than having Acne Cysts On The Face

acne cysts on the face

Bet you have woken up to the ugly sight of a pimple protruding its way out of the skin and then find out you have acne cysts on the face? You probably thought it will go away in a few days only to be proved wrong.
With this type of acne it can last weeks. In fact they can become some very miserable and painful weeks until you get rid of them.

If you are not careful you can even land up with scars which you certainly don’t want on your face.
Although very tempting under no circumstances should these spots be squeezed as you can do more damage than good as this can lead to you spreading it even further.
This type of acne which can also be called cystic acne forms in the deeper part of the skin called the “Dermal layers”. Unlike common spots they don’t form to actually become a pop- able head but in fact stay below the surface.
This is why if squeezed then can spread instead of popping and oozing out of the infected area. If you do manage to make them break the surface it is more than likely you have damaged your skin doing it which will then end up with you having scars.
There can be different reasons why these occur but experts believe that some of the causes can be stress related like when females have their periods or when you have been under pressure to complete tasks.
It has also been found to be influenced by your eating habits to over consumption of dairy products to eating very grease foods.

Treating Acne Cysts

The treatment needs to be something that has been specially formulated for this type of acne. Just using normal spot treatments will not make any difference to this skin complaint and you would wasting your money.
A lot of these treatments are a lactic acid-based formula that work the best for this condition but you do need the correct advice as there are several different treatments available that you need to get from your pharmacists, skin specialist or your doctor.
Acne cysts need you to take speedy action to keep it down to a minor case attack on your skin.

Who And What Areas Are Affected By Acne Cysts?

Serious acne cysts is much more typical in males and usually occur anywhere on the face, where females who do get it, usually only get it on the lower half of their face. It can also affect the upper body, back, arm and shoulders.

Acne Cysts

It usually strikes teenagers or youths in their very early 20s but has been known to strike anybody as young as 8 or as old as 50.

What Leads To An Out Break?

In a young adult it can be caused by a variety of reasons from a hormone imbalance mainly from the hormone androgen.

Typically what happens is that in teenagers the amount of Androgen’s increase causing the pores to get blocked and infected leading to outbreak of acne cysts. The skin becomes inflamed in the lower areas of the skin called the derma layers leading to the area to become red, very painful to the touch because the area has become infected. The bacteria then increases in size until it breaks the surface of the skin releasing a whitish pus that should be cleaned away immediately with a sterile tissue.

How To Treat Acne Cysts.

These outbreaks can be treated by over the counter products, a personal hygiene regime or by consulting a Doctor or a dermatologist. It all depends on how bad your acne is to what route you take but always take swift action.

The treatments can come in paste or cream form that you carefully spread over the infected area using an applicator or clean hands. It can come in an oral form that you take a measurement so many times a day.

You can also get hand held devices that omit red or blue light that help to clear up the infected area by drying up the pus and infection.

If you find that your acne cysts is getting worse then always consult your Doctor or medical practitioner.

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What Is Acne Cysts?

Acne Cysts is a common skin problem that most people think only happens in their teenage years. Sorry to tell you, that is not correct. It can happen any time in one’s lifetime.

Acne CystsCystic acne is one of the most difficult types of acne to treat.

The main cause is the excess oil secretion from the sebaceous glands that fail to escape through the pores of the skin. It accumulates causing blockages.

It is also to be noted that hormonal imbalances and stress related factors may also be considered responsible for resulting in the formation of acne.

The lesions are far more painful and have greater risk of scarring compared to the other forms of this skin problem. Although considered to be extremely painful and one of the most severe forms they occur commonly in males and affect different parts of the body like the chest and back regions along with the face

Various symptoms distinguish it from the most common acne formations on the skin. These include oozing of pus, red painful swellings with inflammations on the skin. Scars are a very notable feature of these acne cysts

Since the cysts are severe in nature, it is quite difficult to provide good remedies that work. However, with the advancement of technology and research, different forms of treatment are now available.

They come in the form of gels, creams, tablets and laser treatments.

Isotretinoin is a product that it is derived from retinoic acid and Vitamin A and it is very effective. It reduces the production of sebum from the sebaceous glands and thus prevents inflammation. It is also works in preventing the growth of acne bacteria.

Photodynamic therapy is a treatment that requires an application of a photosensitizing cream and with controlled blue or red LED light exposure to the affected area. This treatment can take a long time to work and can be quite expensive to treat Acne Cysts