Who And What Areas Are Affected By Acne Cysts?

Serious acne cysts is much more typical in males and usually occur anywhere on the face, where females who do get it, usually only get it on the lower half of their face. It can also affect the upper body, back, arm and shoulders.

Acne Cysts

It usually strikes teenagers or youths in their very early 20s but has been known to strike anybody as young as 8 or as old as 50.

What Leads To An Out Break?

In a young adult it can be caused by a variety of reasons from a hormone imbalance mainly from the hormone androgen.

Typically what happens is that in teenagers the amount of Androgen’s increase causing the pores to get blocked and infected leading to outbreak of acne cysts. The skin becomes inflamed in the lower areas of the skin called the derma layers leading to the area to become red, very painful to the touch because the area has become infected. The bacteria then increases in size until it breaks the surface of the skin releasing a whitish pus that should be cleaned away immediately with a sterile tissue.

How To Treat Acne Cysts.

These outbreaks can be treated by over the counter products, a personal hygiene regime or by consulting a Doctor or a dermatologist. It all depends on how bad your acne is to what route you take but always take swift action.

The treatments can come in paste or cream form that you carefully spread over the infected area using an applicator or clean hands. It can come in an oral form that you take a measurement so many times a day.

You can also get hand held devices that omit red or blue light that help to clear up the infected area by drying up the pus and infection.

If you find that your acne cysts is getting worse then always consult your Doctor or medical practitioner.

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About Acne Cysts